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May Peace Love & Joy always be part of your everyday!

PLJ Healing ARTS

2019 - Events Calendar

"The Thoughts you choose to think and believe right now are creating your future. These thoughts form your experiences tomorrow, next week, and next year" Louise L. Hay

Welcome to PLJ Healing ARTS

Welcome to PLJ (Peace, Love, & Joy) Healing Arts. Our Mission is simple - "To help others with their health and well being. Though our own trials and tribulations, experiences, and cumulative knowledge, we feel it is time to pass it along and help others on their journey with transformations of health, spirit, and overall better well being.

It is our firm belief we need to do a combination of different things to achieve better health, vitality, and well being because there is no such thing as a magic pill, or cure all to give us what we need or want. We must take action and utilize the tools we are given to achieve the Peace Love and Joy we seek in our lives. So, come on in and check us out and see the tools we offer to help you on your journey to overall great health and well being.  

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential Oils are one tool we can use to protect us and help ups with our health issues. Records show ancient civilizations have distilled and used essential oils both for their aromatics and for medicinal needs. Today we are rediscovering and perfecting the use of these natural therapeutic oils which are a natural gift of the earth. Ask us about essential oils and how you can use them to better your own personal health and well being. We make blends and layering packages tailored to your specific needs so ask us and we will tailor one of you.

I Have Learned That.....

"a strong code of ethics is as reliable as a compass."

Anonymous person age 43

"life challenges us with the fact that everything can be done better"

Anonymous Person age 57

"it doesn't cost anything to be nice"

Anonymous person age 66

"lying in the green grass of an empty field makes you feel so good."

Anonymous person age 14

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Thrive Market - Organic Healthy and Delicious!

To learn more about Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Click Here.

Special Blends

We are proud to discover ways to make products which are safe yet effective for a better well being. After looking at ingredients of products on store shelves, I am determined to find ways to make products simple, safe and without the use of toxic chemicals which are known to cause health issues. All of our products are 100% natural and we only use safe ingredients which you can pronounce. We are always looking at adding new safe products to our line up. Our Lip Balm are extremely popular.

Body Nutrient, Mineral, and PH Balancing

Probably the most important thing I have learned in the past 10 years of my journey to better health and well being is that there is a direct link to the condition of how the inner workings or our body is functioning and the ability for disease to thrive in the body. I always ask people "Do you think that a green bean grown today has the same nutrient value as one which was grown 100 years go?" The answer is an astounding "NO"! The reason is we have destroyed our soil, our water, and our air so plants for food grown today do not absorb the amount of nutrients and minerals today and that's even growing organically. Because our food is not providing everything our body needs to thrive above the level of dis-ease, we have no choice but to supplement our bodies. Did you know in order for our body to thrive and live above dis-ease it must have 90 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids? These essential nutrients need to be delivered into our body throughout the day. Taking a multi vitamin doesn't cut it any more because within 4 hours of taking the vitamin in the morning it is already out of your system and that's if your body was able to absorb much of it in the first place. Also, if you noticed I said our body needs 90 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, I have searched and searched to find a product available to the general public that offers all 90. None of the products you get in your local grocery or health food stores offer such a product and neither could I find a company that you can order online. At best they may have 30 of the 90 essential nutrients your body needs. Not to mention all the other things "fillers" and such added to the supplements.

But don't take my word for it. Up until recently I thought I was doing good by taking my vitamins and minerals and omega's until I discovered Dr. Joel Wallach the author of "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie" among other books. He clearly describes the link to our lack of nutrition and disease. I have included links to Dr. Wallach on YouTube giving public talks and workshops covering this very subject.

It is also vital that we keep our body PH balanced. Most of us are more on the acid side and when the body is on the acid side it allows disease to thrive. Disease loves an acidic body. If you bring your body more to the alkaline side disease has a more difficult time thriving and even surviving in an alkaline body.

To Discover more about how you can nutrify and balance your body for optimal health and well being Click Here!

THE SHOCK - Must See!

Dr. Joel Wallach - presentation

Dr. Joel Wallach - "Dead Doctors Don't Lie"

Dr. Joel Wallach - "Hell's Kitchen"

Another great doctor again confirming what Dr. Wallach is helping us to understand about our health.

Dr. Peter Glidden - 90 Essential Nutrients

Meditation & Meditation Fountains

Meditation is one of the most powerful healing tools we have in our arsenal. Each of us should take time each day to meditate for at least 15-20 minutes. You will notice a difference in how you feel but also how you function throughout your day. It also gives your body a moment to work on itself to heal and re-coop. I incorporate hand made water fountains using elements of earth, water, and fire in each fountain. Each fountain is unique and hand made and I personally number each one. They are a great way to take a moment from your day and reconnect with your higher being.

Wellness Consultation & Guidance

A unique consultation program was developed as an alternative to assist you on your path to a better well being. All personal consultations and evaluations are free and kept completely confidential. Based on recommendations offered to you, you determine what you are comfortable doing from a variety of holistic solutions tailored for you. The consultation is designed to help your body do what it is designed to do which is to heal itself. We all know there is no magic pill but by adopting specific changes and activities and making them new habits we can facilitate the natural process of allowing our body to physically, emotionally and spiritually heal. Click HERE to schedule your no obligation appointment today.

Thank you so much for stopping by PLJ healing arts and we welcome you with open arms with love and light. You are welcome to contact us by clicking on the contact us page.

The Angles are always with us. All we need to do is ask for their help.

Can you see the Angel in this picture?

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