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May Peace Love & Joy always be part of your everyday!

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In our Knowledge Resources section we offer many different subjects to read about. All of our books and video materials are unique to us and you will not see them on any shelf anywhere. We offer the materials to you at a very low cost because we believe in giving you the power to make decisions that you feel are right for you. You can only make decisions based on what you know. We have found that sometimes we already know the material but we need to be reminded. These resources can offer those reminders just at the right time we need them.

We offer these materials as online e-books or e-videos so you can get them right away. Once you make your selections and purchase you will be emailed links to the materials you selected. We encourage you to download your copy right way so you can have it whenever you need it. You do have the option to receive a hard copy of the materials if you so choose. We will ship them directly to your door. The one advantage of having a hard copy would be you can make notes on the copy for your use.

We thank you for taking the time to look over our Knowledge Resources. We are constantly adding new items so come back often and see what is new. You may also get on our email list and get notified when new Resources arrive. We sometimes offer specials to get Knowledge Resources at discount.



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